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Making Monsters (2019, Canada, Horror, 92 min)

            Directors: Justin Harding, Rob Brunner

            Cast: Tim Loden, Alana Elmer

            Storyline: Chris, the "King of the pranksters" and his wife Alana are invited by an old friend to have dinner in a remote house. Once there, strange things happen.

Better Days (2019, USA, Drama, 95 min)

            Director: Alessio di Giambattista

            Cast: Cody Brotter, Zachary Mooren, Mitch Eakins, Sara Lindsey

            Storyline: John invites his brother and his best friends to a Christmas vacation in order to reveal them sad news.

From the Dead (2019, USA, Horror, 80 min)

            Directors: Hebron Simckes-Joffe, Ryan Schafer

            Cast: Pepe Serna, James Duval, Marilinda Rivera, Sarah Hollis, Will Leon

            Storyline: After Janie accidentally murders her husband during disputed infidelity over a stripper, her husband's brother introduces her to an Aztec spell that resurrects him from the dead; Unfortunately, he returns to take revenge.

A cry from within (2014, USA, Horror, 97 min)

            Director: Deborah Twiss

            Cast: Eric Roberts, Cathy Moriarty, Deborah Twiss, James McCaffrey, Robert Vaughn

            Storyline: A dysfunctional NYC family moves to a rental house on Long Island owned by two women in an attempt to find normalcy. The secrets held by the two women begin terrorizing the family, ultimately exposing the connection between all of them.


Hollyweird Anonymous (2019, USA, Comedy, 30 min - Series Pilot)

            Directors: Peter Ghabi, Camille Constantin Fadl

            Cast: Peter Ghabi, Peter Dach, Kayla Eva

            Storyline: Four Hollywood personalities get into legal trouble and are forced into a group mandated therapy.

Funny Face (2019, USA, Comedy / Musical, 4 min)

           Director: Felix PIneiro

           Cast: Chris Maher, Gabija Guzauskaite

           Storyline: A not so funny clown obsesses over his dolls. He meets them in real life. The feeling isn't mutual.

Just Kidding (2018, USA, Dramedy, 11 min)

           Director: Michele Love Santoro

           Cast: Michele Love Santoro, Eka Darville, Shannon Joy Rodgers

           Storyline: Old friends discuss over a birthday dinner to kid or not to kid.

Queen of the Island (2018, Canada, Romantic Comedy, 11 min)

            Directors: Justin Harding, Rob Brunner

            Cast: Peter Higginson, Ava Jamieson.

            Storyline: A bitter old man's day in the park is disturbed by a little girl in search of her parents.

Latched (2017, Canada, Horror, 92 min)

            Directors: Justin Harding, Rob Brunner

            Cast: Alana Elmer, Jarrett Siddall.

            Storyline: An obsessive choreographer on a creative retreat with her toddler awakens a fairy corpse with disturbing intentions.

            Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2017


            Watch the movie:


            Password: bokeh

Morning After (2017, Canada, Drama, 15 min)

            Director: Patricia Chica

            Cast: Jordana Lajoie, Kristian Hodko, Thomas Vallieres.

            Storyline: Michael is faced with a dilemma, when a night of drinking with friends, turns into a sensual exploration of sexual identity.

The Smiling Man (2015, USA, Horror, 7 min)

            Director: AJ Briones

            Cast: Abbi Chally, Mellisa Chally, Strange Dave.

            Storyline: A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

            Selections  and Awards: See the official website:


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Premortem Purgatorio (2014, USA - USC Graduate Short Film, Drama, 5 min)

            Director: Joy Yang

            Producer: Sarah Winters

            Storyline: After a suicide attempt, two women arrive at the Premortem Purgatorio and need to cooperate with each other in order to go back on Earth.


Uncomfortable Silence (2013, USA, Drama, 18 min)

           Director: Gabriele Altobelli

           Cast: Brian Kelly, Deborah Twiss

           Storyline: Modern technology has undoubtedly facilitated our communication, but at the same time has dramatically affected our personal relationships. Uncomfortable Silence explores the impact of modern electronic devices on daily social life through the portrayal of the lack of communication within the typical modern family.

           Selections: SoHo International Film Festival 2013 (Official Selection), Oldenburg International Film Festival 2013 (Official Selection).


The Darkest House (2013, USA, Drama, 10 min)

            Director: Nathan Firn

            Cast: Elisabet Johannesdottir, Kristin Rogers

            Storyline: Late one night, two girls argue over the pending arrival of one of their mutual acquaintances. But only one of them knows why he is actually coming over.

            Selections: LA Shorts Fest 2013 (Official Selection).


Hafida (2013, France, Drama, 12 min)

            Director: Loïc Nicoloff

            Cast: Alicia Dadoun, Pauline Cheviller

            Storyline: Having lost track of her grandmother, Ouafa, a 17-year-old young girl, decides one fine morning to find her.

            Selections: Trouville Off-Courts Festival 2013 (Out of competition).


Jeu de Printemps [Spring Play] (2013, France, Silent, 14 min)

Director : David Grinberg

            Cast: Clara Alvarez, Yasmina Benallah, Willem Dorlin

            Storyline: Rumors are going around at Mid-school. Rania, a schoolgirl, is going with a guy who's not from the neighborhood. Her brother Elyas doesn't intend to remain inactive.

            Selections: Paris Courts Devant 2012 (Out of competition).


The Deep End (2012, USA - UCLA Graduate Short Film, Drama, 12 min)

            Director: Meredith Koch

            Cast: Daniela Flynn

            Storyline: Amidst the throws of New Hope Mental Institution, Anna Burrows tries to escape the fragments of her past.

            Selections: LA Shorts Fest 2012 (Official Selection).

Infidelity Vignette (2012, USA, Experimental, 3 min)

            Director: Hebron Simckes-Joffe

            Storyline: The moment a relationship broke apart is cyclically revisited.



Les Boutons dorés [The Gilt Buttons] (2012, France, Drama, 17 min)

            Director: Éric Borg

            Cast: Sandy Lakdar, Ysaé

            Storyline: Myriam is a solitary and dreamy young woman. After her sewing courses, she goes to a department store to spy on a beautiful guard she observed, during his break, from the window of her class. He obviously attracts her. She follows him through town.

            Selections: Nice International Short Film Festival (France - Official Selection), Valence International Film Festival (France - Official Selection).















                              Les Boutons dorés (2012) - Trailer



Scène d’amour [Love Scene] (2012, France, Drama, 8 min)

            Director: Guillaume Vatan

            Cast: Raphaël Hidrot, Julie Schotsmans

            Storyline: A growing love story at the border between theatre stage and reality.


L’Oracle d’Elea [The Oracle of Elea] (2011, France, Drama, 12 min)

            Director: Djamel Bennecib

            Cast: Yoli Fuller – Sabine Napierala

            Storyline: Just as Elea gives up hope on finding her true soul mate, an encounter with an extraordinary oracle leads her down a new path towards a fateful meeting with the charming prince of her dreams…


P.S.: Je te hais [P.S. : I Hate You] (2011, France, Drama, 9 min)

            Director: Djamel Bennecib

            Cast: Yoli Fuller – Sabine Napierala

            Storyline: Upon returning home from a business trip, a young yuppie, Simon, discovers some devastating break-up notes left for him by his girlfriend, Elea.


Poème pour Louis [Poem for Louis] (2010, France, Drama, 20 min)

            Director: Thomas Gendreau

            Cast: Guillaume Pottier, Fanny Sidney, Jean-Michel Portal, Jean-Claude Bouillon

            Storyline: Erik, the father of Louis, is a classical music composer. Despite his son’s deafness, he writes him a study in order to teach him to play the piano. 4 years after his father’s death, Louis lives with his girlfriend Anna who is deaf too. But a car accident turns their life upside down: Louis gains the sense of hearing. He’ll neglect their relationship in order to rediscover the world, as well as the music sheet that his father left him.

            Awards: Best Music for Student Film at the ESRA Film School (Paris) 2010.















                              Poème pour Louis (2010) - Full Movie



Instinctif [Instinctive] (2009, France, Drama, 23 min)

           Director: Céline Tejero

           Cast: Vincent Rottiers, Mélissa Prat, Marika Patti

           Storyline: The search of Jérôme, who is getting hired in a shop, in order to finally be able to meet his biological mother.



Les Filles de feu [Girls of Fire] (2008, France, Drama, 25 min)

           Director: Jean-Sébastien Chauvin

           Cast: Caroline Deruas-Garrel, Sandy Lakdar, Sonia Joubert

           Storyline: A suburb housing. Two girls on the phone are looking for each other but never succeed to meet. One of them vanishes.

           Selections: La Semaine de la critique, Cannes Film Festival 2008 (Official Selection).


La Route, la nuit [The Road, at night] (2007, France, Drama-Experimental, 11 min)

            Director: Marine-Alice Le Du

            Cast: Jeanne Herry, Jimmy Dezouche

            Storyline: A young female director is wandering at night on the lookout for the main character of her next movie.

            Selections: La Semaine de la critique, Cannes Film Festival 2007 (Official Selection).





Moby Dick (2011, USA, 6 min)

            Director: Silke Haladjian

            Produced by Arte TV France

            Broadcasted on Sep 29th, 2011.


Paul Chemetov (2009, France, 26 min)

            Director: Elisa Mantin

            Produced by Arte TV France in the series “L’Art et la manière” [The Art and the Manner]

            Broadcasted on Aug 21st, 2009.


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